Since 2011, Akolade has revolutionised the business success of our partners and customers through vibrant events and conferences that pursue agile learning and development and pilot the next generation of our industry. ​

As masters of learning, we are conversation instigators, matchmakers, changemakers and inspirers of communication in the retail, supply chain, healthcare, nonprofit, communications and public sector. ​

We are the central hub of learning for industry professionals, and our knowledge prioritises integrity, ethical behaviour, mutual trust and respect among stakeholders.​

At the core of it all, we aspire to harness knowledge as the key force in driving innovation and transformational change across organisations and sectors. ​

​Akolade executes the saying “Knowledge is the cornerstone of success.” ​​We inspire, empower and upskill. We are Akolade. ​


Akolade’s values are the cornerstone of every interaction we have with partners and customers.

  • Trust: Strengthens our relationships with all our stakeholders through the quality of our events and reliability of our services.
  • Aliquam Quality: We deliver accurate, reliable, credible and relevant content of the highest standard through our events.
  • Integrity: Embrace the highest standards of honesty, ethical behaviour and exemplary moral character towards all stakeholders.
  • Customer Service: Our continuous search for innovative events that deliver the highest levels of professionalism experience.
  • Success: Empower enterprises to make the elusive dream of business success a reality.
  • Transparency: Clear and complete disclosure of relevant information of our products to all stakeholders.




  • Revolutionise and grow the business success of our partners and customers
  • Deliver our audience with the latest trends, insights and best practice solutions, helping them to stay ahead of the pack.
  • Provide our customers with the tools to sustain their competitive advantage.
  • Deliver a platform for our customers and partners to connect with key influencers in their business sectors.