In an increasingly globalised economy, with disrupted and constantly changing markets, ever advancing technologies and changing ways of ways of working and making value, your supply chain is everything. Better understanding changing local and global customer demands, identifying and reaching lucrative new markets, perfecting the latest technologies and skill capabilities that give you a real edge and delivering your products and services in the most efficient, effective and customer centric manner really holds the secret to growing global competitiveness.

Akolade’s Supply Chain Innovation Summit, delivered in partnership with ASCI and a range of Australasian industry development bodies, will explore cutting edge technologies and innovative tools with the potential to help supply chain managers improve business process efficiency, better predict and satisfy customer demands, reduce costs and increase profit. Beyond business process improvement, we will explore how supply chain innovations can help grow our local industry technology and skill capabilities and supply chain access and improve the productivity and global competitiveness of our economy.

Advances in process visibility and control, customer demand prediction and planning, supply chain applications of the blockchain, IoT and artificial intelligence and the emergence of Industry 5.0, advanced analytics, robotics and automation and intelligent fleet systems will all come to the fore over 2 days of learning, networking, and ideation with supply chain, operations, innovation and technology leaders across Australasian industries.

Key benefits of attending:

  • The most innovative supply chain event in Australasia
  • Bringing together the best technology leaders and innovators from across Australia and New Zealand
  • Delivered in partnership with ASCI and a broad range of other leading industry bodies and innovation thought leaders
  • Developed with industry, for industry

Who should attend:

Attendees will consist of industry leaders from the following job functions:

  1. Technology, Innovation
  2. Lean, Business Improvement, Continuous Improvement, Transformation
  3. Enterprise Strategy, Integrated Planning, Integrated Business Planning, Competitive Insights
  4. Industry Capability Development, Supply Chain Development, Business Development, Marketing
  5. Human Resources and Workforce Development
  6. Demand Planning, Demand Forecasting, Customer Demand
  7. Operations, Manufacturing, Production
  8. Procurement, Purchasing, Materials Planners
  9. Supply Chain, Supply Manager, Supply Planner, Supply Chain Transformation
  10. Logistics, Fulfilment
  11. Warehouse, Distribution Centres, Inventory Controllers
  12. Distribution, Transport

Across the full breadth of supply chain intensive industries and organisations including:

  1. Retail - Government - Procurement - Manufacturing - Defence, Maritime and Aviation
  2. Mining and Resources - Agribusiness and Food - Fast Moving Consumer Goods
  3. Chemical Industry - Transport and Logistics - Engineering and Construction
  4. Utilities: Water, Telecommunications and Energy - IT Data and Digital Infrastructure
  5. Pharma, Healthcare and Biotechnology - Universities and Education Institutions
  6. Sporting and Special Events - Film, Television and Entertainment

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In its 7th year, attracting over 100 senior supply chain professionals, Supply Chain Innovation is the most innovative supply chain transformation and technology focussed event in ANZ.

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