Australia has the highest rate of children in the child protection system and in out-of-home care in the world, with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children being over-represented.

In 2008, former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd made the national apology to those affected by the Stolen Generations. Since then, the number of forcibly removed children has more than doubled.

The current system is in many ways flawed and is working on a crisis-driven approach instead of an early intervention and prevention approach. The causes to why children end up in the child protection system are often overlooked. Instead of providing relevant support for the family to properly care for their children, a troublesome situation is often left until it hit crisis point and the children are moved into the system.

The National Forum on Child Protection will examine how to create positive long-term outcomes by shifting focus from the current crisis-driven approach to an early intervention and approach. The forum will also address how to improve Australia’s child protection systems through practical reforms. Delegates will learn how to develop collaborative cross-sector partnerships to increase the consultation with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and successfully co-design services, as well as supporting community organisations to deliver services on the ground.

Attend this forum and learn how to:

  • Implement early intervention and prevention models for positive long-term outcomes
  • Improve child protection systems through new service models and approaches
  • Develop collaborative partnerships with Aboriginal and community organisations to delivery support services for families and children
  • Develop cultural competency within child protection bodies to better engage with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
  • Improve Australia’s legal frameworks

Join us

    1. 200


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    Learn from practical case studies from Aboriginal &
    Torres strait Islander communities

    Contribute towards the improvement of Australia's child protection system

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