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This ongoing technological development has a profound impact on how organisations communicate and engage with their audience. Gone are the days of having a trusted list of go-to journalists and one-way flow of communications. Today’s information landscape is multimodal where all stakeholders, irrespective of their relationship to an organisation or to each other, have an opportunity to be heard and platforms to express their views.

So how do you ensure that your brand voice is consistent externally and internally? How do you make sure your values are clear to both your customers and your employees?

The Corporate Communications and Leadership forum offers practical insights into the effective methods to build communication strategies that align with business goals. This forum delves into case studies with proven tools and techniques to utilise data insights and analytics to develop effective communication strategies, measure the success of communication strategies and outcomes, and manage crisis in a real-time. You will explore strategies that help with getting senior executives on board, engaging stakeholders and building brand advocacy, eventually, positioning communications leader in the inner circle to have influence on organisational decision making.

Attend this practical forum and learn how to:

  • Implement communication strategies that align with organisational goals
  • Develop communication leadership and culture
  • Prove the value of communication strategies and outcomes
  • Position communicators in the inner circle to have influence on organisational decision making
  • Explore strategies and methodologies to keep communication consistent and cross to all stakeholders
  • Link between communication leaders and brand advocacy
  • Manage crisis in a real-time to maintain corporate reputation

This practical forum is developed for senior professionals involved in:

  • Internal and external communications
  • Corporate affairs
  • PR and communications
  • Marketing and communications
  • Media
  • Stakeholder relations

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